After learning about the efforts underway to help Shreveport reinvent the community, develop new productive income streams,  offer inclusive environment to help prepare for future opportunities, The Nation of Makers recognized the outstanding efforts of NWLA Makerspace and the community for their outstanding leadership  and partnership with the North Louisiana STEM Alliance in dealing with adverse economic conditions in our local region during the Nation of Maker Conference in Chattanooga, Tn on June 17th 2019.


At the same time, NWLA Makerspace was certified as a Fablab (Fabrication Laboratory) through the Fab Foundation, an organization that emerged from MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms Fablab Program in 2009. Our shared goal is to democratize technology in an effort to impact education, our local economy and the overall quality of life through self-empowerment of communities with STEAM knowledge, tools, equipment and other resources available to citizens regardless of income, zip code or other social barriers.


NWLA Makerspace programs and our can-do spirit now inspires other communities who are devastated by the exodus of automotive, manufacturing, and other legacy industries.

A makerspace is a shared space that provides technology, equipment, and educational workshops. Makerspaces enables communities to design, prototype, and build items with tools and machinery that would often be inaccessible or unaffordable such as 3D printers, CNC routers, and design software.


NWLA Makerspace is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit member run organization founded in 2014 and incorporated in 2016. We support traditional makers and craftspeople as well as our arts and technology community.

People of diverse skills, skill levels and social economic backgrounds are brought together by providing resources and culture to build networks; co-work; and engage in projects that benefit individuals and the community at large. https://www.fabfoundation.org


We have received software grants Autodesk Professional Product Design and Solidworks Professional Design Software for use with the individuals and groups served by our program.


Nation of Makers – mission is to support the full range of organizations that impact makers by encouraging connections, broadly sharing resources, facilitating funding opportunities, engaging in policy development, and advocating for the maker movement. We help maker organizations amplify the passion, innovation, creativity, and diversity of the maker community, to maximize both local and global impact. http://nationofmakers.us


Make Community – We are now the lead organization and licensed host and sponsor of the Shreveport-Bossier Mini Maker Faire, a Community STEAM event for Makers and Do-it-Yourselfers to show off their prototypes, celebrate entrepreneurship and demonstrate craftsmanship, with hands-on activities for visitors. This is the flagship annual collaborative project of the North Louisiana STEM Alliance. It will be in the Agricultural building at the Louisiana State Fairgrounds

NOM Con Award
NOM Con Award