Makerspaces encourage the development of ideas outside of typical limitations (of jobs and schools and businesses). They encourage people to come together and tackle large problems and promote the development of social entrepreneurship. They give creative people a place to harness their energy in an impactful way, something we know millennials crave, and they give those who don’t think they are naturally creative to a place to find the artist, scientist, and problem solver inside themselves.

Bringing those benefits and partnering them with what Cohab is currently offering in a shared space fits perfectly into the mission of NWLA Makerspace by adding business training and micro-enterprise opportunities to that creativity.

The combined benefits of the partnership between  NWLA Makerspace + Cohab brings an added benefit to the community. The launch of a small, flexible clean makerspace with Cohab’s classroom space serves the needs of Northwest Louisiana’s innovators, makers, and business owners. The space offers the community access to 3D printing, micro-processing, vinyl cutting, sewing, and computer programming tools and classes.  From hobbyist tinkerers in the community to those looking to develop their job skills to those looking to bring the next amazing product to the market to our developing K-12 students, the value of this space is huge and widespread. 

For more information, contact us as info@nwlamakerspace.org.